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Author: David Katz, M.D.


David Katz, M.D.David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP is the founding director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center at Griffin Hospital. He is a board certified specialist in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine/Public Health; Director and founder of the Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital.



I came across this article which may be of interest to the community.

According to the author,  "Once upon a time, the first human woman outlived the biological limits of her ovarian hormone production, and menopause was born. None can give the date for this event, but we can be confident it was a very, very, very long time ago.


Medical menopause, however, was born much more recently. For this, we can give a date -- situated in the early 1940s when the FDA approved estrogen replacement for the treatment of menopause and its related symptoms.


We like to believe that necessity is the mother of invention, and indeed it may often be so. But Jared Diamond shrewdly pointed out that as often at least, invention is the mother of necessity. When we invented medical menopause, the necessity of treatments that ensued grew into a multi-billion-dollar industry. The invention of that industry propagated more necessity. For a span of decades, science fostered this trend with observational studies suggesting the many benefits of hormone replacement."



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